About Boo

Boo is a language for .Net which appeals to a variety of users due to it's clean syntax and powerful extensibility features.

An ultra clean syntax:

>>  Python-style indentation, no unnecessary keywords, brackets or semi-colons makes for highly readable code.

>>  Try pasting some C#/VB.Net in this online converter and see the difference!

Powerful extension features:

>>  add new keywords,

>>  modify or generate extra code during compilation

>>  even create your own DSL!

IDE support:

>>  Boo has been supported in Sharpdevelop since 2006.

>>  There are also plugins for   sublime and Notepad++ .

Advanced language features:

>>  First class functions

>>  Generators

>>  Closures

>>  List comprehension

All the speed of C#:

>>  Boo is statically compiled, running at the same speed as C#.

>>  Assemblies produced by one .Net language can be used by another, so fully interoperable

>>  Option to use duck typing, making it feel more like Python (but run significantly slower, like IronPython)