20 December 2015 - It's Official : Boo has a new Home

The Boo community welcomes back it's founder Rodrigo who after a self imposed hiatus after an emotional departure from Unity has returned in part due to the Boo communities efforts to give Boo a new Home. Rodrigo has relocated Boo to the new Official Git Repository where the community can now renew their efforts to advance the language.


20 June 2015 - Git Home Boo : A scarily powerful language for .net

The Boo Git Repository now has a new Git Hosted Home Page featuring community published resources hosted on git. Visit the Git Home tab on this website or click here to redirect.


18 June 2015 - CodeHaus is Dead! time for BOO to move to a new Haunt

CodeHaus the original haunting ground for BOO has died a peaceful death satisfied with all the open source projects it helped spawn in it's time as a leading open source hosting provider. Now it's time for the projects still standing to move on and get a place of their own and BOO is no exception. more..